Paintings by
 Judith Hornsby Jordan

Judith H Jordan
    Judith Jordan has always had a passion for painting.  She says, “Artists are like sponges soaking up their surroundings and seeing the beauty in familiar objects, and they are drawn to create with paint and brush. And once they begin to create, the desire never leaves and they never give up attempting to improve, hoping the next painting will be better than the last one.”

    Jordan was born and grew up in east central Alabama. She was the second of six children, so there was little
money available to purchase art supplies. When she was in junior high school, she would save her lunch money and after school would walk to the local hardware store and purchase very small cans of enamel paints, which she used to paint on scrap pieces of plywood and on backs of old barns, wherever she could apply her few colors of enamel paint.
    Her first influence was her Dad.  He and his brother both painted, and Judith spent hours watching them. After graduating from high school, she went to work in a manufacturing facility. During that time, her employer gave her permission to attend an art class every Wednesday morning in adjacent Talladega County. She would work overtime in the afternoons to make up for time missed from work. Judith would drive back to Talladega on Wednesday night to attend a Still Life class. After some time spent working and saving all the money she could, she entered Southern Union College.  After two years with Southern Union, she transferred to Auburn University where she majored in Fine Arts. Judith earned her Bachelors of Fine Arts degree in 1974.

    After graduation, Judith taught as an adjunct instructor in the Art program at Southern Union College.  During this time, she also helped form the Clay County Arts League in her hometown of Ashland. In 2002 she opened a small gallery where she currently teaches two classes on Mondays.  She also teaches art classes in Alexander City on Tuesdays. The remainder of her week is devoted to painting.

    Jordan has been influenced by many great artists, of whom she has attended their workshops.  These artists include Roger Dale Brown, Donny Finley, Dawn Whitelaw, Dot Svendson, Nancy Chaboun, Peggy Kroll Roberts, and Susan Diehl.  The greatest influence has come from Julee Hutchison. Julee has been a great help in teaching Judith to soften edges, applying more paint and understanding values.

    Judith’s art work has also been highlighted in a variety of venues.  Her works were featured in the New Horizons Gallery in Fairbanks, Alaska, The Northern Exposure Gallery in Kodiak, Alaska, and the Heritage Hall Museum in Talladega, Alabama.  She attended the Scottsdale Artist School in 2015, where she was selected for the “Best & Brightest” exhibit in 2016, 2017 and 2018. She had a one woman show in Gothenburg, Sweden and has spent many hours plein air painting while traveling in Ireland, England, Sweden, Germany, and Prince Edward Island, Canada.  She has also painted the beautiful Tetons and lovely Colorado mountains, and in the Western and Southern United States.

    Jordan finished a project of 32 paintings of points of interest in Clay County, which now hangs in the Clay County Courthouse.  She was also commissioned by The First State Bank of Clay County for 36 paintings depicting the history of the county. Southern Union College also commissioned her to paint portraits of the school’s presidents dating from 1922 to present.  This collection also included 11 paintings of significant events in the history of the college.

    Judith and her husband, Bud, have two sons and six grandchildren.  She now lives on their horse ranch where horses, mules, chickens, ducks, peacocks, and managery of other farm life roam the landscape.  She is never lacking for interesting subject matter.